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International & Internal Services
In the following zones, FORSAT provides international businesses with full legal support, with the same excellence as what internal clients expect.


Iranian Law-based Services
There are specific areas of law which are highly country-based. In such fields, FORSAT MC has confined its contributions to Iranian market. In these areas, the Firm outsources the clients to the local firms and legal practitioners of other countries, especially in the UK, Europe, Turkey, the AUE and Tajikistan.

International & Internal Services

In the following zones, FORSAT provides international businesses with full legal support, with the same excellence as what internal clients expect.

  • Industrial & Engineering Arrangements
  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance
  • Trade & Investment
  • Intellectual Property and Media
  • Immigration
International & Internal Services

Industrial & Engineering Arrangements

To many, FORSAT is a firm with its legal services for long-term industrial contracts and complex cases, in line with direct investment projects. The interactive cooperation between Management Consulting department and legal departments has given rise to an efficient combination between industry and law. In terms of the legal issues under this title, we are glad we are known for:

  • drafting and advising on tender packages
  • negotiating, drafting, commenting complex investment and infrastructure contacts, in forms of BOT, BOO, BTO, EPC, and other projects, whether within private sector or public sector, or in the realm of PPP plans. in various industries, e.g., oil & gas, construction, refinery and power plants in renewable energy manufacturing.
  • conducting due diligence on the laws and regulations, governmental and local permissions and certifications required
  • providing legal advice on relevant strategies for planning and maintaining the projects in terms of legal, technical and fiscal management
  • fulfilling project management and claim management alongside with primary risk management in litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • vi. handling the disputes through litigation, mediation and arbitration both on local and international levels and seeking interlocutory injunctions and interim measures.


Insurance is an integral part of commercial and investment arrangement. That is exactly why FORSAT always has been engaged in this area on international level. On the other hand, with a particular attention to the limitation of risk capacity of Iranian insurance companies, there is a huge demand of re-insurance market. These reasons make us special in this field. We would be of help through:

  • negotiating internal and international insurance, especially marine insurance, including all aspects of hull insurance, cargo insurance, marine liability insurance, and freight insurance
  • ii. drafting and advising on personalized insurance policies, particularly multiline issuance policies in all types of projects including those in sphere of infrastructure, oil & gas industry, and all construction projects, whether within private sector or public sector or in the realm of PPP plans, containing contractors’ all risks project assets, machinery breakdown insurance, electronic equipment insurance and transportation risks insurance, together with credit insurance in management of project finance risks
  • settlement of insurance disputes through litigation, ADR and especially ad hoc mandate.

Banking and Finance


FORSAT has a fabulous background in guiding its clients to make hard monetary decisions in a multiple-choice business. We make sure banks and companies are able to solve tricky problems of financing and bank law. The services involve:

  • providing the clients with legal advice, on different types of finance and financial strategies, aiding clients in adapting to the exceptional rate of regulatory and market fluctuations.
  • negotiating on behalf of banks, investors, major corporates, lenders, borrowers, arrangers, lessors, lessees, and issuers until preparation and conclusion of the pertinent contracts and agreements.
  • iii. conducting due diligence and assessing risk of funding sources based on a wide range of laws and regulations as to capital instruments, banking law securities, loans and collaterals.
  • banking and finance dispute resolution, management of conflicts regarding validity and execution of banking and financial operations as well as contracts, through litigation, and out-of-court negotiation, besides carrying out claim management in this regard
  • providing pragmatic, commercial guidelines on bank projects and their financing transactions.

Trade & Investment


The Firm has brilliant accomplishments in this field. Having access to considerable educated people, FORSAT is ready to provide comprehensive services for the clients. Delivery of legal services is in consonance with the background and experience the Firm possesses.

Success in this areas require a great deal of experience and knowledge in corporate and company law. FORSAT’s legal involvement in corporate and company law covers all stages of their longevity, from the structure in which the companies are going to be registered, to preparation of memorandum of association to tax issues, employment matters, internal relations, and their insolvency, dissolution or liquidation. It is true about all types of legal entities, such as organizations, companies, enterprises, etc.

During the last decade, the number of start-ups has noticeably augmented. A big part of our services in this regard is allotted to foreign and local Start-ups which tend to follow their activities in trade & investment. Businesses can expect us to assist them in:


  • drafting, commenting and negotiating international commercial contracts, including, inter alia, sales & distribution, agency, manufacturing and transportation contracts
  • preparing, negotiating and providing legal and contractual advice on international investment agreement, encompassing joint ventures and M&A transactions
  • providing full services in law of Start-ups, e.g. proposing business plans, drafting and advising the companies on investment agreements & contracts, certification & permission processes and internal regulations, governing service providers and service users
  • taking steps at both litigation and pre-litigation stages of dispute settlement in international trade and investment conflicts
  • v. handling legal consultancy regarding foreign investment, import and export regulations, especially as pertains to customs processes, barriers and trade bans, as well as proceeding all actions in line with the relevant procedure in place. This may include both litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Intellectual Property and Media

The growing significance in legal aspects of intellectual property and the wide-ranging global marketplace in this field has been an incentive for us to provide a wide range of legal support. This encompasses advisory services, preparation of agreements, and conducting due diligence in all procedures of this area. Additionally, relatively limited number of legal professionals in this field promotes has made FORSAT unique in this area of law. Here is what we do:

  • delivering legal consultation and conducting due process on international brand registration, patent and idea protection, original works of authorship, trade secret protection and other intellectual property arrangements as well as providing legal advisory on geographical indications and other certification schemes
  • negotiating and drafting all forms of intellectual property contracts and agreements such as technology & development transfer, license and franchise agreements
  • providing due diligence, advisory and legal representation with regard to settlement of intellectual property conflicts, particularly WIPO disputes


Recently, FORSAT has got involved in delivering services for immigrants. he Firm has currently focused on student immigration. Although this field is relatively new, we undertake all the following duties:

  • providing consultation on immigration processes for the purposes of studying, working and investment
  • conducting admission and post admission services, conducting correspondence with universities and educational centers.
  • pursuing financial aid, scholarships and other financial affairs of the students
  • delivering full visa- related services

Iranian Law-based Services

There are specific areas of law which are highly country-based. In such fields, FORSAT MC has confined its contributions to Iranian market. In these areas, the Firm outsources the clients to the local firms and legal practitioners of other countries, especially in the UK, Europe, Turkey, the AUE and Tajikistan.

  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Tax
  • Administrative Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law

Negotiable Instruments

Despite the extensive expertise FORSAT possesses with respect to letters of credit and bills of exchange, on an international level, the Firm’s services in terms of other negotiable instruments such as cheque, and promissory note are limited to Iranian law. Having handled immeasurable cases and advisory services as to negotiable instruments, FORSAT is ready to persist with its activities in this regard.


Tax disputes are of substantial importance, especially for the companies engaged in investment in Iran. Compared to the demand of the businesses for high-quality services in taxes, the number of successful firms is very limited. With reliance on knowledgeable and experienced people, FORSAT MC has been a leading firm, when it comes to taxation.

Administrative Law

The administrative processes, not only for foreigners, but also for Iranian people appear to be highly elaborate. Close connection with many administrative bodies, such as municipalities and local authorities, has enabled FORSAT to deliver legal services as to the procedures and regulations of this field.

Family Law

Since the early stages of its establishment, FORSAT has provided legal advisory and advocacy for family. In its recent innovative step, the Firm has put forward a combination of legal services and family therapy for the clients in order for them to make the best choices possible. Giving legal services in marriage terms, spouses’ rights & obligations, divorce, child custody, inheritance and succession form the most significant part of FORSAT’s specialties concerning family law.

Criminal Law

In almost all above-mentioned fields explained, there exist criminal aspects in which FORSAT provides legal services. This mainly involves all categories of financial crimes and corruption offences, including fraud, bribery, money laundering, embezzlement, forgery and so forth.

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