About us

FORSATMC Law Firm was founded, with a team of lawyers and engineers, in 2008. It began delivering services to several major companies and organizations active in oil & gas, construction and investment, both on internal and international levels On the other hand, since the very beginning, FORSAT has been in close connection with the stakeholders of international arbitration in Iran, i.e. ACIC and TRAC.

Opportunity In the first three years, its activities expand its performance in several directions, especially in the field of management consultancy, and enjoying skilled and talented workforce in Field

Various, after awhile, became one of Iran’s top legal institutions in relation to management consulting and dispute settlement in large-scale projects. At the moment, the Institute continues to have a prominent role in consulting companies and administering these projects.

Institute of Law and Management consulting Opportunity With its small core and wide network in the world of law, its legal services are presented at both domestic and international levels, in a very diverse context Will

. Among the fields of opportunityactivity, business, banking, energy (oil and gas and petrochemicals), insurance, taxation, construction and investment. Sex OpportunityService includes a broad circle Will be That guide point to point, risk analysis as well as advocacy claims in arbitration and judicial courts Takes.

The method of providing services is different depending on the conditions and demand of clients. In the majority of cases, the Institute serves as a legal part of the companies so that they can focus on their main activities. In addition, many business companions will use the opportunity to settle their disputes.

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